Winter Shelter
The Folsom Winter Shelter is a joint effort with local churches to offer temporary, emergency shelter for homeless people in Folsom, similar to what other HART organizations are doing in other Sacramento county cities. Each host church will provide up to 20 men, women, and families with a warm, dry place to sleep, a hot meal, and friendly companionship. Please note that by Folsom statute, we are limited to housing 20 people.

We are starting to get some churches lined up for 2017/2018, and we are now starting to put together our needs; volunteers and supplies. Listed below is a summary of available positions.

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HART Member volunteers - All Season Position Summaries
Detailed Job Descriptions Intake Team 4 volunteers each night of the week
Night Captain 7 volunteers – one per night
Drivers Lead plus X number of volunteers
Welcome Team 2-3 volunteers per night – once a week
Transport of Cots and Bags Once a week
Cleaning of Cots and Bags X number as needed
Supply Personnel Lead plus 2 as needed
Training 2 Volunteers

Supplies Forms, Instructions, Name tags and lanyards, photo equipment and associated needs, First Aid kits, lockboxes, binder, etc.

Shelter volunteers Position Summaries - They may be part of the faith community at that location or from other sources who are offering their services
Site Coordinator 1 volunteer who is associated with that facility
Night Leader and team 1 lead and 2-3 volunteers to set up and receive clients
Meal/Activity Team Team for 1 or more nights
Overnight Team Lead and x number of volunteers to stay the night, serve breakfast and lock facility 1 night or more

2017 Locations Journey Church is the intake center
12/10 pm - 12/17 am TBD
12/17 pm - 12/24 am Community Bible
12/24 pm - 12/31 am Muslim Community
12/31 pm - 01/07 am Community Bible
01/07 pm - 01/14 am Harbor
01/14 pm - 01/21 am Disciples Church
01/21 pm - 01/28 am Oak Hills
01/28 pm - 02/04 am Powerhouse
02/04 pm - 02/11 am Oak Hills
02/11 pm - 02/18 am Lakeside
02/18 pm - 02/25 am Lakeside
02/25 pm - 03/04 am Disciples Church


Winter Shelter Coordinator Judi Alexander