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The Folsom Winter Shelter is at an end for this year. The Volunteer Appreciation Party has been postponed until the virus is under control. With the closing of the shelter we are in need of funding for temporary housing for shelter guests who now have no place to stay. We may have the opportunity to have rooms available at reduced rates as a result of the crisis and we want to be in a position to take advantage of that.

We are a non-profit community-based volunteer organization assisting those experiencing homelessness in Folsom toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Folsom Winter Shelter Recap

  • 84 nights – last year was 80
  • 68 guests: 48 men, 20 women
  • 990 guest nights – less than last year but we had so many success stories. I’ll take the success stories!
  • 1 Intake Center
  • 9 Host churches
  • 100 HART volunteers
  • Multiple church based volunteers along with local restaurants and service clubs
  • 2 tablets
  • X number of gallon of coffee, copies of resources, instructions and badges
  • 4 $100 credit cards for gas for van
  • Tubs of toiletries, medicine, socks , hats, and scarves

Each volunteer made a difference in the lives of our guests and each other. Our sense of community grew, and we realized that whoever we are we can improve our City.

HART of Folsom

We need your help!

We are in desperate need of affordable housing for folks living on the street. Folsom has many job opportunities for people, but the workforce that is serving your meals, washing your car, stocking the shelves of your favorite stores and providing many services that you enjoy here in Folsom cannot afford the monthly apartment rents on the money they earn. If you own rental property please look over the Sacramento Self-Help Housing Master Lease Program and consider making a difference in the lives of those struggling to rebuild their lives.

Operational Support

We are all volunteers and 100% of the funds we raise go to providing services to those we serve. Read more…

HART for Housing

All donations to this initiative are designated for housing. Read more…

Who we areā€¦

We are all volunteers from faith communities throughout the area that have come together to take proactive steps to address the issue of homelessness in Folsom.
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What We Do

HART helps individuals

HART works with individuals

Our main component of our program is to establish a mentoring relationship with the individuals (clients) that is built on respect and trust. We create a comfortable and loving relationship that allows the client to become self-assured and empower them to become independent and self-sustaining. We desire to help our clients to become positive and productive members of our community.
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HART works with other organizations

HART works with other organizations

We are a resource team for the individuals and connect them to services or programs that will assist them on their path to a better life. We believe that each organization we connect with is skilled in their own mission; we will support and encourage the client during these contacts. We are proudly partnered with many organizations, but are always on the outlook for others to join us in our mission.
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Our Goals

  • ENCOURAGE movement out of Homelessness
  • CONNECT to Resources
  • MENTOR individuals
  • TEACH AND ASSIST with budgeting
  • AID in gainful employment
  • ASSIST in locating affordable housing

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