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We’d love to have you help us at HART of Folsom. Our volunteer opportunities are listed below; you can also learn about other ways we help on the Services page. All ages are welcome to participate in Hart of Folsom. Together we can make a difference. For more information, to get involved, or to share any of your creative ideas, please contact us.

Membership Application

Interesting in helping throughout the year? Please fill-in and submit the application form below and we’ll get in touch with you. (You may also download the form (docx) to complete and return to us.)

Volunteer Opportunities in HART of Folsom

General Member: Monthly meeting for all community members looking for ways in which we can better support those experiencing homelessness in Folsom. We need your personal/professional connections within the community to assist us in carrying out our mission.

Development/Fundraising: Event planning and raising money, including pursuing and obtaining funds from foundations, corporations, individuals, and government sources through activities such as grant-writing, events and strategic campaigns.

Newsletter writer/editor: Getting our stories out to the community and engaging support is vital to our progress. We are in need of people with keen writing skills to assist in this area.

Winter Shelter: provide logistical help to arrange the annual rotating shelter held at churches within Folsom. There is much work behind the scenes to make this program a continued success.

Homeless Mentoring: Be the neighbor to those in need. Assist them with obtaining the tools to escape homelessness and connect them to resources to address their needs. Encourage and support clients as they are on their path to a better life.

Housing: Seek out affordable housing options, both transitional and permanent. Advocate agreements with property owners, developers, and government to increase the availability and affordability of housing within Folsom

Job Development: Seek out employers who will offer jobs and or training for those re-entering the workforce

Legal Referral & Advocacy Clinics: Legal clinics to provide community referrals and advice to those living on the streets.

Medical/Psychological Resources: Develop relationships with Doctors Dentists, nurses, clinics, hospitals and counseling centers to provide consistent and preventative care.

Future Opportunities

If any of these “future” volunteer opportunity areas interest you and you would be willing to take a lead role in making this happen please contact us.

Clean Beginning: Mobile shower unit that offers shower/basic hygiene services to those experiencing homelessness.

Camp Clean-Up: Quarterly cleaning initiative to help keep our community clean.

Supply Distribution: Annual collection and distribution of items (e.g. backpacks, hygiene kits, sleeping bags, etc.)

Transitional Storage: a place for individuals to safely store their personal belongings, allowing them to use public transportation, job hunt, work, attend classes, meet with health professionals and other service providers, and begin to transition off the streets. This will decrease the amount of discarded items in our trails and waterways.

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