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On May 6, the Big Day of Giving, the Zacharia family showed up in a “Big Day” way. Caleb, age 7, was concerned that some people didn’t have a place to cuddle up at night as he did. So he told his family about his concerns. Everyone got on board and did a Go Fund Me project. They collected $400 and went shopping. On May 6 Caleb, Zoe, age 4, and Paisley, age 11, delivered 22 sleeping bags and 4 tents to HART. Way to go Zacharia family!!! If any of you missed the opportunity to donate on the Big Day of Giving you can always go to our Donations page.
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• General Meeting: December 14 @ 6:30 pm at Lakeside Church, 745 Oak Ave Pkwy, Folsom in Room 216.

• Folsom Winter Shelter: Jan 3 - Mar. 27, 2022

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