Transitional Housing | Winter Shelter 

What we do

We Reduce Homelessness in Folsom!
  • Create programs where we can build relationships with homeless men and women in Folsom.
  • Utilize the Folsom Winter Shelter to build trust and relationships with unhoused individuals and stabilize those in crisis.
  • Provide professional case management with wrap around services to all clients.
  • Provide clear/easy access to local, state, and federal resources to assist with our mission.
  • Build alliances with the city, local businesses, service organizations, churches, affordable housing providers, and other organizations that serve homeless individuals.
  • Help people gain access to transitional and permanent housing.
  • Reduce homelessness within the City of Folsom.

We welcome all local residents, organizations, churches, neighborhoods, and businesses to get involved in this effort. We believe strongly that a collaborative community-wide effort is the beginning toward a solution to the problem of homelessness. With intention, we can make a huge difference.

Winter Shelter

The Folsom Winter Shelter is a joint effort with local churches to offer temporary, emergency shelter for homeless people in Folsom, providing a warm, dry place to sleep, a hot meal, and friendly companionship.

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