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What we do

HART of Folsom was formed in 2017 as a non-profit community based organization to provide local services to the growing number of homeless in Folsom. Our goal as volunteers is to dedicate our time and talents to assist those experiencing homelessness or struggling time to improve their lives in Folsom toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Our Goals

  • ENCOURAGE movement out of Homelessness
  • CONNECT to Resources
  • MENTOR individuals
  • TEACH AND ASSIST with budgeting
  • AID in gainful employment
  • ASSIST in locating affordable housing

The reasons for creating our new non-profit group:

  • Establishes a central group of volunteers working on the same mission
  • Relieves the Police Department from being the lead agency
  • Allows for unity in purpose
  • Centralized fund management
  • Creates a recognizable entity that can enter into agreements
  • Allows for acceptance of tax exempt funds
  • Gives a base for expansion of programs, ideas and cooperative relationships

We welcome all local residents, organizations, churches, neighborhoods, and businesses to get involved in this effort. We believe strongly that a collaborative community-wide effort is the beginning toward a solution to the problem of homelessness. With a little intention, we can make a huge difference.

Mentor Programs

This initiative dedicates a support team from the community to a specific homeless client or at-risk teen to understand their needs and assist them towards greater self-sufficiency and independence. This may include things such as helping them to develop goals for the future and helping them navigate through various support agencies to assist with their efforts to become self-sufficient.

Winter Shelter

The Folsom Winter Shelter is a joint effort with local churches to offer temporary, emergency shelter for homeless people in Folsom, providing a warm, dry place to sleep, a hot meal, and friendly companionship.

Master Lease –
Shared Housing

Master leasing expands much-needed affordable housing, meets the needs of low income and homeless tenants and benefits local governments, business and non-profit providers with proven rental funding for owners.

Mentors for Homeless

Our teams are made up from HART volunteers who work closely with the SSHH Navigator and the Folsom Police Department. We dedicate a support team to a specific homeless client. Our mission is to understand the needs of the client, help them create goals and help them navigate through the various support agencies to achieve success.

If you are interested in investing your time and talents to help a homeless person achieve more and become independent and self sufficient please submit a membership application.

The following are status reports; please click below to see more information from our teams.

Mentor Updates - November 2017

Team Evanson

Update – Nov 15 Outstanding news! Both Rodger and Jim are employed in shipping, receiving and warehouse stocking for Walmart in Folsom! While it is hard work physically – and with the holidays now, there is plenty to do – we are so thrilled for them with this opportunity. They both landed jobs on the same day, even skipping over the full personality inventory due to how well they interviewed. Not having a place to lay your head at night is challenging enough, but with working strenuous jobs and the cold rainy weather coming, we’re really hoping the next step is some shelter. We thank all those who are making efforts to assist them and others in housing.

Oak Hills hit the jackpot when we were asked to work with Rodger and Jim! These two middle-aged brothers came into our program in early 2017. They are kind, good men that simply need guidance and support in rebuilding their lives.

“The brothers” have called Folsom home for 33 years and are very tied to being a part of our community. They became homeless in September 2016, after years of caring for a terminally ill father and then some unfortunate financial circumstances and decisions. This eventually landed them on the streets for the first time – a harsh new reality. Currently they have no home, no car and nearly no possessions.

What they do have is extraordinary resilience, MacGyver-like inventiveness, personable communication styles, delightful senses of humor and solid values. They also have retained respect for themselves, one another and others. I’ve often seen them express genuine concern and assistance for other homeless individuals in Folsom and sincere appreciation when someone has helped them out in some way.

Being homeless is extraordinarily stressful on many levels. This includes your physical well-being – which can have significant medical consequences. The past few months we have concentrated on slowly addressing such issues with both men. It’s been a long road, but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now!

Our next course of action is to help Rodger find part-time or full-time employment in warehouse work, driving and delivery, customer service or retail. We welcome any connections, referrals or leads of employment! With their kind natures and adaptability, they will be a good fit for many employers.

Mentors for Teens

In an effort to reduce homelessness of teenagers immediately after high-school we have partnered with Folsom’s Hope ( to extend their lunch-buddy mentoring programs to high school students. This program connects at-risk students to a caring, supportive adult once a week during their school-scheduled lunch hour. This extends our Goals to preventing homelessness.

If you are interested in investing your time and talents to help an at-risk teenager achieve more and become self sufficient please submit a membership application.

FWS 2022 Volunteer Appreciation Slides

2021 Winter Shelter Slide Show 

Master Lease – Shared Housing

Working with Sacramento Self-Help Housing (SSHH), Master leasing is a mechanism where the owner of the rental property receives one monthly rent check from the master tenant (SSHH) regardless of occupancy levels. The master tenant takes care of day-to-day operations, property management, subtenant-caused damage and subtenant selection. Subtenants are able to access housing directly from SSHH to meet the needs of the low income and homeless tenants. Master leasing benefits local governments, business and non-profit providers by expanding much-needed affordable housing.

How does the landlord benefit from Master Leasing?

  • Your contract or lease is solely with our agency. SSHH has been doing this successfully since 2006!
  • Landlords are guaranteed on-time rent payments always paid in full. Rents paid are based on Fair Market Rent for the county where the home is located
  • SSHH is responsible for screening all residents of the property and executing leases.
  • SSHH assumes all responsibility for tenant caused damage.
  • SSHH has an onsite employee that lives at the property to ensure maintenance issues are reported promptly.
  • SSHH has a professional property management and maintenance team to address repairs and in-spect properties at least twice a year.
  • We have a case management team that is at the house weekly and ensures tenants compliance with the house rules and leases.
  • In the event eviction is required, SSHH is responsible for all costs associated with that action.

We are hoping to find houses that have or can be converted to 4-5+ bedrooms, being centrally located and close to services and transportation is vital! Our main contact person at SSHH is Jeremy Baird (916-341-0593) and he would be glad to talk with you about more specifics.

Check out the following three brochures from SSHH for additional information:
SSHH-Master Leasing
SSHH-Shared Housing

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